Maxime :P

Maxime Dreesen (1996) was born with wide open eyes in Saint-Trond and grew up in Herck-la-Ville, Limburg, Belgium. In the year of 2019, they gratuated as a director at Toneelacademie Maastricht, institute of performative arts, The Netherlands. In their work, they aim for queer sincerity and pathetic authenticity. By creating a theatrical framework they try to stage reality and pure honesty. The search for authenticity can lead to realism and concreteness, but also to absurdism and grotesqueness. They find it exciting how honest the grotesque can be and how grotesque honesty can be. Spontaneity and imperfection play a very big factor in their work. 

As a pierrot and rope-dancer, they happily walk the boundaries between cliché and authenticity, kitsch and sincerity. They create, without scenography, complex lighting plan or extra musical support, a sensible theatrical tension by using concentrated and delicately dosed acting methods.

In the year of 2018-2019 they worked on four productions; Hm? collaboration with Sonja van Ojen, The Failure of Sex together with Adrien De Biasi and his last graduation play: (I Want To) Break Free with Bjorn Floreal. Break Free is the last part of Maxime’s big graduation trilogy A Journey (XL): Hartstuk (Tim), The Failure of Sex (Adrien), Break Free (Bjorn).


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