2020 Countersex. Ed.

2020 Countersex. Ed.

❦ Tabooboo a.k.a. Maxime Dreesen gave their first Countersex. Ed. Class

!!! Before we wanna learn new thingz (ecosex, petplay, dildoplay…), it’s time to unlearn ✄ some shit! Maybe we can learn new sexualities like new languages? Your teach, Tabooboo, will help you to become foreign to your own sexuality and to lose yourself in translation !!!

Class is accessible to: intersex bodies, transgender and transsexual bodies, queens, diesel dykes, faggots, butches, the hysterical, the horny and the frigid, the sexually disabled and the mentally ill, hermaphrodykes, etc. and also to ✄ straights

performing and text Maxime Dreesen

coaching Frank Vercruyssen
big thanks to Monty Kultuurfaktorij, Theater Froefroe


11/03/2020 @ Monty Kultuurfaktorij


Photo credits: Johan Pijpops 


© Maxime Dreesen 2020