My Bad

My Bad

My Bad is a one-on-one performance in my bed, in the public space, a showroom.


I put my bed in front of a window. Like a prostitute, I sell my story, because I am desperate.

It’s a way of admitting a mistake, and apologizing for that mistake, without actually apologizing.


concept, tekst en spel Maxime Dreesen  

coach Alexandra Broeder

met dank aan Timo Tembuyser, David Matunda, PEACE STONE STUDIOS SHOW ROOM, Anne Büscher, Celine Daemen, Thomas Claessens, Naomi Steijger



20/12/2017 @ PEACE STONE STUDIOS SHOWROOM Maastricht

19/12/2017 @ PEACE STONE STUDIOS SHOWROOM Maastricht


Photo credits: Maxime Dreesen, Sheeyla Gerard, Joost Horward